It doesn’t matter whether you’re just learning to say “Bonjour” (“Hello”), or if you’ve just finished French IV: There are bilingual books out there for virtually every French language learner, in almost any phase of learning. The French version of this story teaches many simple, useful words. Story topics range from vacation, to school, to animals, to birthdays. The Hans Christian Andersen of France, Perrault turned folk tales into literary classics that have been adored for centuries by children and adults alike. This perk is great for students who want to hear the correct pronunciation of French words! Kids’ literature is a valuable resource for beginners of all ages. In fact, maybe I’ll finally be brave enough to read my first French book. Originally published in 1994, the translation of this masterpiece by the acclaimed Japanese author into English this year is cause for celebration. Many of these books are in the public domain, so they’re often free or inexpensive. Some of the best-loved fairy tales were preserved for the world’s enjoyment by Perrault’s plume: “Sleeping Beauty,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Puss in Boots” and the quintessential “Cinderella.” “Contes de Charles Perrault” is an illustrated collection of several of his best-known works. If you’ve never studied French before, this picture dictionary is a charming way to learn the basics. If your memory needs refreshing, here’s the gist of the tale: three billy goats live on a hillside with very little food. You may already be familiar with some of these classic books. This summary sounds tragic, but keep in mind as you read that this book is satire! Sure, you can discuss current-day politics in French. Besides, the website is not only ideal for a one-time lookup but also for learning new languages. Readers will learn the French names for numerous countries, including l’Inde (India), la Mongolie (Mongolia) and l’Angleterre (England). If this language learning method sounds interesting, you can even get the same benefits from video with FluentU. Beginner and intermediate students can follow along easily. With FluentU, you can learn French with bilingual-subtitled videos, too! This is a tale of a young boy and a man whose lives briefly intersect before one of them dies. Each word or phrase is introduced with a brightly-colored picture, accompanied by the English word and boldfaced French equivalent. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the French language and culture over time. Welcome to the world of French-English bilingual books. Jules Verne’s precursor to “The Amazing Race” is available free from Farkas Translations, with the accompanying audiobook from Project Gutenberg. Check out our list of incredible translated novels to add to your shelf. That’s right, there’s an entire series based on the parallel text teaching philosophy! You have the added bonus of exposing yourself to many new foreign authors you never would’ve read otherwise—a major bonus for all my fellow bibliophiles! Please check your email for further instructions. If one story is too difficult or too easy, just move on to the next one! In Bed of Nails, for instance, you’ll meet Richard Guérin whose description sounds a little bit like that of Detective Columbo. A lot happens in this short story, so there are plenty of useful French verbs. If you’re a beginner French learner, the idea of reading an entire book in French may seem beyond your reach. This will help you learn countless new words. Since French and English share so much vocabulary, it's easy to start reading in French, even as a beginner. not stumbling over any unknown vocabulary, deepen your understanding of Francophone people and cultures, throughout the United States, and 15 other countries throughout the world, Guy de Maupassant’s groundbreaking horror story, public domain works free of charge in side-by-side, paragraph-by-paragraph translations, Wolf Pup Books offers celebrated works in both Kindle and NOOK formats, features a wide range of Anglophone authors, wacky bilingual series by author Miley Smiley, “Learn French with Fairy Tales: Interlinear French to English”, “Selected 19th Century French Poetry, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Gautier, deLisle, Heredia”, “The Defiant Muse: French Feminist Poems from the Middle Ages to the Present: A Bilingual Anthology”, “Préversities: A Jacques Prévert Sampler”, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store, A Speedy Journey Through 3 French Past Participle Uses, Class Is in Session: The 16 Best Sites for Online French Courses, Where to Download French Learning Videos for Any Language Skill, 15 Incredibly Useful Sites with French Listening Exercises to Quickly Sharpen Your Ears, The 6 Best Websites to Self Study French (All the Way to Fluency). Each of these lists has presented its own set of problems; with this one we worried about whether it was somehow condescending to books in translation to give them their own list (especially considering they do appear on many of the linked lists above). Working your way through a collection of short stories is a stimulating way to build your French vocabulary. It’s the perfect book for children growing up bilingual, as well as adults in the early stages of studying French. This classic fairy tale is unusual for its length and complexity.