The Computer Wore Menace Shoes: Russell, Jesse, Cohn, Ronald, Russel, Jesse: In episode #254 (S12/E6 2000), Homer Simpson buys his first computer (which Lisa has to set up for him after his own failed attempts), and builds a website. This episode gets off to a great start with Homer setting up which he plagues with shock-news stories. Here it is, everybody-- The world's greatest Web site. Discuss The Simpsons - Season 12, Episode 6 - The Computer Wore Menace Shoes: As Mr. X Homer starts his own web page where begins revealing Springfield's secrets. Not a chance. The episode's third act features many references to the 1967 science fiction series The Prisoner. The title of the episode is a reference to the 1969 film The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, but the episode is not related to the film in any other way. Just don't let this sort of episode become a regular occurrence. Bahasa Indonesia; English Skip to main History Talk (0) Comments Share. Télécharger. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes est un film réalisé par Peyton Reed avec Kirk Cameron, Larry Miller. L'anecdote du jour 16/01/2021 On peut noter que Tahiti Bob est mystérieusement en liberté dans Aide-toi et le ciel t'aidera (s2) au vu et au su de tous, chantant parmi les autres Springfieldiens. They talk about old computers, The Prisoner, and journalism. Cart All. By Charlie Sweatpants 2 Comments. Homer decides to buy a computer after turning up to the Plant to find it closed by e-mail. Click here to start a new topic. “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' twelfth season. Yes! Quite a twist, huh? English. Deux de ses collègues (Carl et Lenny) qui passent alors en voiture, lui expliquent qu'ils en ont été informés par email. "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" is one of the most divisive episodes of The Simpsons because of how weird it is but I like it because of the weirdness which is good as a one-off. : Put new text under old text. Edit Clip Timeline Auto-GIF. However, when Homer starts writing conspiracy theories about flu shots, he gets sent to an island where people who know too much are imprisoned. The guide contains staff/voice credits, funny Simpsons quotes, references and other notes. Wha-- Aaah! Added: 03.12.2000. Add a photo to this gallery Season 11: Season 12 Gallery … “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes” is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' twelfth season. Directed by Mark Kirkland, Jim Reardon. No kiddin'? Directed by Mark Kirkland, Jim Reardon. Be warned. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes".Found in 3 ms. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Computer Wore Menace Shoes at Fill ar ais go The Computer Wore Menace Shoes. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Computer Wore Menace Shoes, As Mr. X Homer starts his own web page where begins revealing Springfield's secrets. Post navigation . Teangacha. Fight and struggle. Tonight, Matt and Robbie discuss Episode GABF06, Goo … Dignity. so that YOU don't have to! In the episode, Homer buys a computer and creates his own website to spread gossip. Also This. Edit Clip Timeline Auto-GIF. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Views: 12. Les Simpsons S29E01 VOSTFR HDTV. We're shutting you down. Cherchez des exemples de traductions The Computer Wore Menace Shoes dans des phrases, écoutez à la prononciation et apprenez la grammaire. X” to conceal his identity. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. S12E6: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes. If I know me, he won't like being kicked in the crotch. Views: 3. by J.DeFelice. More Episodes See all » 346 – Goo Goo Gai Pan. Le Site inter (pas) net d'Homer ou Homer et son site Internet (The Computer Wore Menace Shoes) est le 6 e épisode de la saison 12 de la série télévisée d'animation Les Simpson.. Synopsis. Posts Tagged ‘The Computer Wore Menace Shoes 05. Films; Séries; Musique; Livres; Logiciels; Jeux PC; Jeux Consoles; Autre; the simpsons the computer wore menace shoes. Un matin, alors qu'il se rend au travail, Homer trouve la centrale fermée. Chraol an séú eipeasóid, "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes", den dara sraith déag The Simpsons ar an 3 Nollaig 2000.Scríobh John Swartzwelder an eipeasóid seo. Homer gets into the Internet by becoming an online gossip columnist-cum- … No one can silence me but me! Torrent Categories: Lifetime of Simpsons. The Simpsons: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes "The Island" vs. "The Village" The Prisoner References Explained Getting all O.C.D.