“The GSC strives to find speakers who can speak to and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, experiences and work of all graduates,” Thorsness said. Unlike in years past, the speakers … Thum is not the only speaker who hopes to empower others. Alexandria Volkening will address the Ph.D. ceremony. Anuoluwapo Osideko will address the master's degree ceremony. She saw it not only as a chance to help out in her community, but also as a chance to be mentored in teaching. Two members of the graduating class are chosen by a committee of students, faculty, and administrators to deliver orations at Commencement. The intensive program blends residential and online learning, allowing you to work full-time and apply new knowledge and skills immediately in your work settings. In her annual Commencement address, Brown University President Christina Paxson asked graduating seniors to take on the most complex of challenges, from … Brown Chief of Police, Dallas Police Department (ret.) David O. While Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump was invited to deliver a commencement address at Wichita State University Tech, she was later dropped from the school’s virtual program. My mom didn’t go to college, but that day she’s getting a Ph.D. in me. Brown University Commencement 2012. The history of Brown University spans 256 years. She signed up for an outreach program in which she taught math to prison inmates. But several people, including students, made short speeches throughout the ceremony. In her speech, she hopes to express gratitude on behalf of her peers for the community that made their achievements possible. She worked at the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, where she consulted with members of the Brown teaching community on course design and educational techniques. Following is the prepared text of remarks by Sterling K. Brown. That was a chance to be mentored at mentoring. The ceremony concludes Brown’s three-day Commencement and Reunion Weekend 2019, which will bring more than 10,000 people to College Hill. While she will touch briefly on her own research and outreach efforts, she’ll spend much of the time highlighting the creative ways in which her peers have translated their work to a wider audience. He said every college will provide you with more or less the same education, but they will each shape you in … “Anuoluwapo and Alexandria capture the essence of students graduating with advanced degrees and will undoubtedly deliver captivating speeches that reflect the broader sentiments of their professional colleagues and families.”. For the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, it brings to mind a word from her native Yoruba language: kadara, which means destiny. Her parents did not speak English and did not have the opportunity to attend college, so they were unable to help her navigate the college admission and financial aid process. Grace Gottschling, Campus Reform The Ivy League colleges have all announced their commencement speakers. Nick Dentamaro/Brown University. He rose to national prominence for the leadership he showed in … She hopes her words inspire every newly minted Ph.D. in the audience to think about how their research can be more accessible and more impactful. Graduate School speakers to draw on personal stories at Commencement Javier Juarez and Pinar Durgun will address their peers in separate master’s and doctoral ceremonies, respectively. Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra (left) and Jen Thum will speak at this year's Commencement graduate ceremonies. This video is unavailable. “But I think what we all share is gratitude for our experience here. Playing next. “I love the idea of making sure our students can succeed in whatever they set their mind to, of planting that college seed for them,” she said. “I think that going to Brown and getting a Ph.D. is a privilege,” she said. She created the Interactive Dissertation, an e-newsletter that chronicled her doctoral research process at Brown, from research funding applications to fieldwork in North Africa and the Middle East to the process of formulating research questions for her dissertation. … “I want to empower experts in their fields to be able to say, ‘This is what I did, and this is why it matters,’ to open up a community dialogue about higher ed.”. Brown University’s three-day Commencement/Reunion Weekend begins Friday, May 23, 2014, and concludes with the 246th Commencement exercises Sunday, May 25. ... Commencement … She did all of that while taking classes and working on her thesis. “There are people in my life who have no idea what I do,” Thum said. Thum’s activities at Brown demonstrate her passion for showing others why her work, and why the field of archaeology in general, is relevant to all. Since its founding in 1764, Brown has always chosen students from the graduating class to speak during commencement ceremonies. “I want to go back to Santa Maria and make sure I’m paying it forward.”, Open details for Graduate speakers to extol their peers’ research and resilience at Commencement, Undocumented, First Generation College and Low-Income Student Center, Graduate speakers to extol their peers’ research and resilience at Commencement. June 17, 2018 2018 Commencement speech by Stanford alumnus Sterling K. Brown. Her passion for the subject is personal, inspired by her grandfather who died recently at the age of 102. “I don’t think anyone can speak for the diversity of experiences and obstacles overcome in the graduating class,” she said. in guest speaker f tags john krasinski, actor, brown university, transcript, lean all the way in, advice, commencement Comment Featured political Physics Undergrad Jamelle Watson-Daniels (ABSCB'16) will be one of the two princpipal speakers at this year's Commencement. While it was once common for students to speak at college graduations, most universities now invite dignitaries to offer keynote Commencement … While Volkening says she relishes the chance to speak at graduation, she’s mindful that she has been chosen to express the sentiments of an extremely diverse community. Commencement weekend Brown University 1984. These emergent dynamics are everywhere in nature, and a better understanding of them could shed new light on everything from wound healing to insect swarms to embryo development. The experience helped her realize how comfortable she was in a place many others find intimidating: the middle-school classroom. “What my parents gave to this country, this land, both literally and figuratively — how hard they worked — that has shaped my identity and my resiliency in such a huge way.”. “The council selects candidates based on their aptitude to speak to all graduate experiences and to represent the values and demeanor of Brown doctoral and master’s students,” said Alastair Tulloch, chair of the council’s nominations committee. As a graduate community fellow, she designs and implements community-building initiatives for master’s students, including a graduate mixer and other events at the Undocumented, First Generation College and Low-Income Student Center. While completing her master’s degree in the School of Public Health, she also worked a combined 40 hours per week at the Rhode Island Department of Health and the V.A. “While Jen and Eunice's speeches will accomplish this goal in different ways, both center on the communities that support all advanced degree candidates, and both reflect on what their work represents for these communities.”, In her Doctoral Ceremony speech, Thum — a Barnard College and Oxford University alumna — will ponder a question she first posed three years ago when describing her research: “This stuff matters to me, but why does it matter to everybody else?”. Rebecca Thorsness, chair of nominations for the GSC, said a selection panel chose Thum and Gonzalez-Sierra after reading through applicants’ proposed speech abstracts and hearing a select few delivered in person. She floated the question in a 2016 presentation at Research Matters, an annual TED-like conference hosted by Brown’s Graduate School. Volkening says that the mentorship she received at Brown was critical to her success, and she made a point to seek out any mentoring opportunity she could find. Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra, who will earn her master’s degree in teaching, will speak at the Master’s Ceremony in Meehan Auditorium. Brown University in Providence, R.I., has always used student speakers "because our students are so interesting, of course," says Bruce Donovan, an associate dean. “Though unseen circumstances may arise, uncertainty festers deep within and life may not go as planned, they should remain true to themselves, remembering that there is a purpose for their life and that it’s their duty to fulfill it.”. I’ve become a big advocate for communicating research more effectively — for giving it legs outside the little bubble of academia.”. 2015 Commencement Speakers: J. Jenkins: Stadium: 169th: 2014: Reverend Ray Hammond II: Harvard-trained surgeon, community leader, and founder and pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston. This year, the university … Browse more videos. “It gives us a special opportunity to have a voice. Together, Miller and Rodarte will continue Brown’s 251-year-old tradition of students speaking at the University’s Commencement ceremony. She’ll remind her fellow graduates that their futures are inextricably entwined with those around them. Volkening will challenge her fellow graduates as they begin their careers to become the kind of mentors that made their degrees possible. Nick Dentamaro / Brown University PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — In keeping with the tradition of elevating student voices at Commencement, Brown University’s Graduate Student Council has selected two of their fellow students to address this year’s Graduate School ceremonies on … Anuoluwapo Osideko, who will receive a master’s in public health, will speak to graduates and guests at the master’s ceremony, and Alexandria Volkening, who will receive a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, will deliver her address at the doctoral ceremony. Advice on choosing a college from a commencement speaker at Brown University When I was deciding between colleges, one of my close mentors gave me advice that I still pass on. Known for its unique curriculum, Brown University is America's seventh oldest college, and a member of the Ivy League. And she joined the organization Skype a Scientist, which allows her to teach students anywhere in the world about ancient civilizations. At the V.A., she learned from the chief of staff and the executive leadership team. Brown University, Providence, RI. Anyone who has watched flocks of starlings trace intricate patterns across the sky is familiar with the kinds of dynamics Volkening studies. “We have a responsibility to be not only publicly visible members of our communities, but also partners in a reciprocal exchange of knowledge,” Thum said. Read Article Open details for Brown to confer 2,795 degrees at Sunday's Commencement Boston Healthcare System. Volkening studies pattern formation and self-organization in nature — the large-scale dynamics that emerge from the behavior of smaller-scale agents. A few blocks away, at a ceremony for graduating master’s students, Gonzalez-Sierra will celebrate the resilience of those who, like her, come from households with undocumented family members — and she’ll describe just how much it means to these students to earn an advanced degree from Brown. Previous releases of YAF’s Commencement Speaker Survey found dozens of commencement addresses delivered by members of the Obama administration, including 15 in 2015 and 11 in 2016. Brown President Christina H. Paxson shared news of the double Commencement set for May 2021 in a May 6 letter to the University community. University News; Brown cancels classes Friday February 8, 2013. Both speakers will recognize the hard work of their fellow graduates while also calling on their peers to understand, and reach out to, those with different backgrounds.