–Timmhotep Aku, Blueface’s offbeat bars are like run-on sentences, and his voice often veers into a high-pitched squeal. Genius Nickname Email Password. 1 of 2 Lyrics … He does, however, have a built-in audience of more than 2 million Instagram followers who enjoy his humorous-flavored content. Backpack Kid has visited numerous underprivileged schools across the nation to spread positivity, hand out gifts, and dole out "flossing" lessons. Maybe 2019 didn't have as many mega hip-hop hits from SA rappers, but it doesn't mean there weren't some great tunes. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Copyright Office before suing for copyright infringement. Horning lent his support by sending him autographed photos and words of encouragement that reportedly lifted the boy's spirits. So ever since then I always wanted to make happy music.". The Dec. 19, 2018 midnight release was a surprise gift to his fans. Whether you like to go light or you're a committed maximalist, you need one—and if you want to enjoy your time on the trail, it'd better be comfortable. "Naturally, on the pop-rapped verses, Horning brags about how awesome he is, much like most rappers," said The Music Hype. The wave is the melody-free, bass-heavy style, and few are more comfortable with those instrumentals than Quin. 20. Taken in Hintersee, Bayern, Germany. The clip, directed by her dad, Benzino (yes, of The Source and “Love & Hip Hop” fame), features a brace-face, pre-teen Leray rapping to a T-Pain-type beat. "Lil Yachty really influences my music because he introduced me to the happy vibe of trap music," he explained. 2. "She's in Atlanta. Fiercely feminist, she’s not afraid to rap ruthlessly about her sex life, open up about being abused by men and exploited by record labels, and promote her agenda to “Kill All Rapists.” She’ll sample the adorable antics of her children, go off on a Grimes beat, and do it all while rocking rainbow braids and Marilyn Manson-esque white contacts. Ad Choices. "We will continue to vigorously fight for our clients' rights against those who wrongly take their creations without permission and without compensation," said attorney David Hecht. The ones guaranteed to make noise this year. Eric K. Arnold. While there is no doubt that Backpack Kid introduced the world to "The Floss," there clearly are some grey areas regarding who invented it. Rap fans, artists, and critics revel in the genre’s rich history and often wax nostalgic but, above all, we want what is new and exciting—the people who embody rap’s ever-changing cultural shifts. Founded by rappers Fly Anakin and Henny L.O. In 2017, the 17-year-old rapper was introduced to the Texas scene through posts on Say Cheese TV and he’s recently skyrocketed from his music videos being hosted on Jmoney1041’s popular YouTube channel. According to his hometown CBS-8 affiliate, he lends a helping hand to the Aurora Theater of Gwinnett County, where he first graced a stage, and he has also partnered with local outreach programs such as the Lawrenceville Housing Authority, Families of Children Under Stress (FOCUS), Gwinnett County Public schools, and The Boys and Girls Club of America. The backpack came from the fact that they used to carry backpacks to hold their rhymes and anything else that they chose to carry. ", Russell Horning celebrated his 17th birthday by dropping his debut album SwagPack Kid. Macklemore I was told a long time ago that hip-hop is what's played in the streets. The makeup guru again … Backpack Kid has visited numerous underprivileged schools across the nation to spread positivity, hand out gifts, and dole out "flossing" lessons. The wave set off by the Beast Coast movement five years ago created a new ecosystem of creativity within the city. He does it sans profanity and tasteless, objectifying references to girls.". "I'm more into hip hop," he confessed when asked if he would collaborate with the pop star now that he's a rapper. AAKS. Australian radio station 96.1 FM did some online investigating and uncovered YouTube footage of a member of a Mormon dance group busting out what appears to be "The Floss." But unlike most memeable stars, Blueface’s virality is never forced. Here's a closer look at what Backpack Kid is up to today. –Alphonse Pierre, The nexus of grown-up experience and youthful immaturity is part of coming of age in New York City, and that unique type of adolescence informs the music of 17-year-old Bronx rapper Lil Tjay. 1. die-hard Backpack Kid fan suffered an injury that required the amputation of his leg below the knee. Families of Children Under Stress (FOCUS). And after releasing her EverythingCoz mixtape this spring, Leray has only proven that she’s getting rapidly better.