When an item sells, you pay for shipping. If you’re looking to sell or buy high-end brands, Vestiaire Collective is the place… Keep the smaller bills in a cash box or on your body with an apron or fanny pack. I buy and sell on Poshmark, sometimes Mercari and occasionally the other places. 1. Plus, if you're in the Big Apple, the site's into doing events, so definitely keep an eye out for their next sartorial shindig. Mosh Posh bills itself as "designer consignment." I don’t want to take pictures of every figurine, as there are many! Thanks for letting me know about this site. They are American made and are from a store I closed. When someone buys your design, CafePress sends the item to the buyer. You get to keep about 90% of the selling price which is better than the instant-buy websites. Swap.com sends you up to three prepaid boxes every month. Patagonia items are also durable and will last forever. Brand-name handbags do exceedingly well on Tradesy, according to the company's CEO and founder Tracy DiNunzio. Poshmark is an online marketplace to buy and sell gently used items, mostly geared to designer clothes and name brand clothing. It's a great idea, because with most sites, buying at ridiculously low prices often means sellers take a big hit on what they're sending in. I hope your next online experience goes better and thanks for sharing your viewpoint. We have some posts on this site that might help you get started opening your own online shop. For drop shipping, you need to build a website that also lists your products on social media. That will tell you where to sell yours for the most money. You can also consider these Craigslist alternatives to reach more shoppers. Not only are there no seller fees or taxes involved, you can easily share your listing to your network. The second option is paying the rate based on the actual weight. As a result, a cotton Vince shirt can easily retail for $95 but may sell second-hand (gently used) for $50. "We made an early decision to allow everything to be done on the phone with no need to go to a website," says Manish Chandra, Poshmark CEO and founder. I also encourage you to double check the policies, terms, and conditions of each to make sure you follow them. Mary all the way at the top (said you had 90’s stuff), lots of people with bags full of name brand clothes, I’m not sure if there is a website for it, but have you ever thought about reaching out to sellers on Poshmark to sell to them in bulk? 14. You can sell used, broken or dead laptop, we pay top cash! Where would be a good place to sell them? It’s pretty cool and worth checking out IMO. As an individual seller, your first 100 listings are free each month. Etsy is NOT the best place to sell handmade jewelry. The second month was a bit slower but not much I was really excited then I listed an item that is not a knock off yet they determained it was so I got a warning..ok then it happened again…both items were purses, both are the real deal well then after having about 500 listings currently posted and over $200 in items I shipped last week they determained a third item to be a prohibited item, restricted my account for review and the next day closed my account. Best for: Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best Charges: Depop charges 10% of each sale (plus PayPal fees). I can’t wear them anymore, and mostly blazer and dresses. I wish you luck! The webuyanyclothes.co.uk are doing a great job where people able to sell clothes 4 cash. Once Rebag receives the bag, your payment will be issued within three business days. Buffalo Exchange’s biggest tip is to buy or sell your clothes every three months. It's time to stop letting your garments collect dust and help them find new, loving owners! 20 years old makes them vintage. They sent me a huge canvas painting we had purchased, and when I unrolled it on the dining room table, the canvas was torn into the subject. The buyer pays shipping costs and you can track the item on your PM account. Some of the links included in this article are from our advertisers. They are all new with tags. Have you ever sold clothing online? Tradesy will notify you when someone buys your item, and you’ll be instructed to ship. Search for other women like yourself who are likely to be interested in your closet. ThredUP's biggest selling point for buyers is the huge inventory. A dress is measured at the shoulders, bust, waist, hip and length. Good luck! You can also see what the demand for a brand is too. I also have various household items. It is a true gift. I also have Levi’s and Guess jeans with the tags still on. I just want to get out of it what the dress is worth. Brands include Apartment 9, dresses from Dress Barn, Loft, White House Black Market, Express, Target, and a lot of jewelry from Charming Charley. We have the best natural products which has melaluca oil check the site out and become a member to sell and get paid staring from $500. They may be worth more than you think. What We Buy. Instead of lugging in a huge bag of clothes, you can now request a bag with a prepaid shipping label and you can simply mail them in. Another idea is to sell them online through a local Facebook sales group. While I’m sure some people do their homework before listing on some of these sites, I think you’re right that not everyone does. Check for brands you have on eBay first. Good luck selling your stuff! From cell phone cases to Fitbits to soccer gear, you can sell just about anything on Mercari. Measurements are provided for every garment. As the largest social media platform in the world, think of your potential audience reach. Kidizen keeps 12% plus $0.50 of the sales amount and you receive payment via PayPal or bank deposit. Some stores sell men’s and children’s clothing too. You’d just have to check the policies and terms of each one to find out if any take returns. Hello there. Well, he lied. First, you have to mail your items to The RealReal. If you don’t have time list your own items, Kidizen can send a “Style Scout” to your home to list and sell your items. The good news, now is the best time to sell stuff online because there are so many free ways to sell right away. In the seller guidelines, just make sure you read the terms and conditions to make sure they are currently accepting regular brand clothing. I would start by looking up what others have been listing them for on some of these sites. I would like to know what online store would be best to take all and sell for cash. If you can’t find the answers there, you might try the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) section, if they have one. I had the same experience with eBay. You can send in your items via USPS, or schedule a free in-home pickup in select metropolitan areas. Sue. No matter where you find quality items to sell, you can find somewhere online to sell them. A small tip to increase your shop audience: Network with other Etsy shops. Here’s another way you can sell your handbags for awesome prices – and you won’t have to go through another company who wants a share of the profits. I hope it works for you. All these clothes and shoes are vintage and branded. Josh is a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a transportation operations supervisor for an S&P 500 company. Craigslist is another timeless classic. Figure out what to do with unsold items. Buying and selling are mainly done through the app, although you can also do this from the desktop version of the website. Try to look at similar items to see how much they are bringing when sold. ... from cars to clothes to toys to electronics. You will pay fees of some sort when selling your clothing online. This is straight up luxury for women, men and children's clothes and accessories. I believe you can do this from your country of Africa. Are there any sites that take returns? I have no idea what to ask for pricing. Similar to The North Face, Patagonia caters to the outdoorsy crowd. Is that number of negative reviews insignificant due to a large customer base? When a buyer purchases the item, Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label—the buyer pays the shipping—and you just print it out, slap it on any box and have your mailman scoop it up.". When the item ships, you receive payment. The bags are signature. You can create your own store and list the children’s items you want to sell. 7. Stack up all the clothes you don’t need and visit the centers that actually run to collect the clothes from people and use them for a good cause. Eventually, you can become a full-time seller, if you choose! One option is paying a flat fee and getting a printable label. Sell clothes for cash near you in the easiest way possible. Regarding the prom dresses, you might try selling them on Poshmark so you can try getting more. I have spent a good chunk of money over a few years collecting their product line. I hope you find one that helps you successfully sell them for the maximum amount of profit! Otherwise, try Mercari and eBay. It hasn’t been that way for some time, actually, and the correct number is 50. Crossroads Trading has physical locations all over the United States where you can bring in your secondhand designer goods. Keep an international audience in mind. They will pay you instantly for the clothing you agree to sell. You can check out our list and if none buy in wholesale, may try a little online research to see if someone out there does! I have tons of clothes and shoes from Spain, Portugal, and Italy from the 90’s. First, I’d like to thank you for the time you invested in sharing your knowledge and experience with us all. We pay 30% of our selling price in cash via PayPal or 50% in a Digital Trade Card. Most clothing resale sites sell women’s clothing. Just some things to think over as you compare. I have learned my lesson. While you can sell pretty much anything with Mercari. Your clothing must be gently used condition with no stains, holes or fading. The owner said it had been in perfect condition when the studio warehouse person had sent it, and she trusted him. Think a modern eBay. If you accept, they'll provide a prepaid shipping label. Within two business days, they'll email you a quote. Most sites make it easy to sell since they pay the shipping when your items sell. The more you share, the more visibility you’ll get. You can also sell baby clothes on Zazzle. You then name your price and decide who pays to ship. Here, the 15 best places to sell clothes online, plus tips from pro sellers to help you make the sale. Do not use them. © 2021 Condé Nast. I would be SUPER interested in buying in bulk from someone or if someone sold a lot of clothing/bags/etc? "When selling from your closet, start by listing 5-10 items. Like CafePress and Redbubble, Zazzle handles the printing and shipping. Another option for selling clothes: List your vintage pieces on etsy.com. They accept clothing for both women and children. "Build a good reputation," says Franco. The policies, terms, and conditions sections should give you some of the information you are seeking. They send a "clean out kit" (a.k.a. Each local board has a clothing and accessories section that allows you to post any item you want. While 4,000 negative review could be viewed as a lot, it depends on how many total positive experiences there have been in comparison. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Another social media platform to consider is Facebook. The point: Don’t feel like you can’t sell here if your items don’t come from Saks 5th Avenue. thredUP is essentially an online consignment store. I used eBay until they returned my money from the sale to the buyer when they lied and said it was dirty or some worn or not in the condition stated. In addition to accepting clothing trade-ins at their stores, Buffalo Exchange also has an sell-by-mail program. Check out our post about sites like eBay to sell your stuff online. It’s possible to sell a lot of clothing which can take less time than listing each item separately. Bernadette. Should I send the brands to a separate company than the non-brands, or is there a place that takes both? The upside of selling your stuff here—especially if it's part of a designer collab—can really start the bidding wars. When your item sells, you mail off your item. The way it works is to first request a Clean Out Bag from their site. Related Post: What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: UPS, FedEx or USPS? "You can sell items that correspond to each other. You can list items directly from your phone. Many other sellers prefer selling on eBay because of their relatively low commissions. How to Sell or Recycle Used Appliances for Cash Some major chain stores will pick up your used appliances for little to no cost, but they won’t pay you for your appliances. Giving neighbors or fellow members of the group the chance to take your things by posting “interested” on those Children’s Place dresses is preferable to me over letting a corporation decide where they’ll go. Most of the brands are not super high end (no Jacadi…lots of Gap) however, the kids’ clothes DO sell quickly so you can get a little pocket change. They both have numerous figures, cars, race tracks, etc. One downside is that you don’t know how much you will make until they receive your box. Here are a few of the best: 1. When you consign, your items are available for purchase online and in-store. This is the only way to gain the trust of buyers who are already faced with the challenge of buying something they cannot try on or inspect. If you still have some higher-dollar items left at the end of the day, sell your stuff online! We buy men’s and women’s clothing and accessories in excellent condition – the best of all seasons, all year long. I sold my clothes in one bag on thredUP and was I disappointed! This sellers fee can be lower than most consignment shops. Consider this option if you have gently used, non-designer clothing that other sites don’t accept. Now that you know where you can sell your used clothes, here's how to sell them. Great research, Josh. You mail your designer fashions, and Material World provides a quote. Related: 17 Best Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money. Thank you. On the Internet, there are dozens of places where you can sell your unwanted footwear. It’s not a list-it-and-leave-it kind of place, but the extra work that goes into creating a pleasing profile really pays off. Raise. Learn how turn last season's sandals into cold, hard cash. Gift Card Granny Thank you, A “Hands-Off” Retail Strategy because of dropshipping partnerships. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Dubbing itself a “social marketplace for fashion,” Poshmark is a platform for stylish men, women and kids’ clothes that is a little more involved that most buy-and-sell websites. OfferUp can be a good alternative to Facebook and Craigslist. I have just started using wearmydress.com It lets you rent out your clothes as well as sell them. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Will all of the shipping charges be on our account? You can still buy and sell traditionally—and even bargain with the seller to knock a little off the price. I have a lots of brand new clothes, shoes and handbags, too. Or, you can partner with a brand to drop ship new items. I want to get quick cash instead of going through the hassle of listing etc. The best selling clothes online marketing site. In addition to apparel, you can sell other items. I also know there are many people who have used eBay multiple times and gotten along just fine. So, if you have a closet full of purses that are no longer in use, Tradesy might be your saving grace. It would be a good idea to go to a site like eBay and just take a look at how many other people are offering similar items, and how low the prices are. You can’t just create a party. Vestiaire Collective. Well, you could try just about any of them, really. Then you put your unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories and mail it to them with the prepaid label. 4. All of them are in very good condition. Facebook Marketplace allows users to interact with your ad. He paid off $80,000 in consumer debt and uses his experience of getting out of debt and changing careers to write about many personal finance topics including making money, saving money and investing. You should be able to sell them one of the ways listed! Virtually all the top 100 jewelry stores on Etsy sell virtually the same things: tiny gold and silver personalized jewelry, jewelry for body piercings. I have Guess, Levis, Wrangler and several other brands, plus around 200 pairs of women’s shoes still new in the boxes. 10 Best Women’s Clothing to Sell in 2020. Tradesy helps you sell designer items that are in great condition. 4. That’s a very good question! I think you just got a really bad buyer. But, make sure you try Craigslist and Facebook. Every girl should know her measurements, especially if she wants to shop online.". Because of that, the price point is high, with goose down vests starting at $250 or more. The only catch is that ASOS takes a 10% commission on the sale price. "Selling online allows you to reach a very wide and international audience," says Lauren. You can share your items to your followers or to parties for visibility. For heavy items, you can save money by paying the flat fee. You can sell items that either trending right now, or develop a niche (regardless of current trends). Rebag also has physical locations in select metropolitan areas, including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Miami, and Manhattan where you can sell your bag directly to them, no USPS required. What a great and helpful service to those in need! The Japanese platform was designed to be an online flea market. Tip: Offer free shipping to generate more clicks. They take a flat fee of $2.95 for all items sold for under $15. Where would I do that? It might help to know which one of the 24 places you are referring to. Just include shipping costs in the “Buy It Now” price, so you don’t lose money. About the dress: contact the schools in the area and see if you could advertise the dress in the school newspaper or any bulletin board where kids frequent, which is everywhere. 22 Best Places to Sell Your Custom T-Shirts Online. 9. You only have to coordinate the sale and earn a commission for your effort. You have two different shipping options with Mercari. Choose clothes that are on-trend or from particular decade. You can sell clothes online to make money. Of course, PayPal keeps 3% of the selling price. You can sell clothing in bulk or single items. Dear Beacon, Sell anything you have left in a yard sale. Rebag is an excellent place to sell gently used designer bags – or buy one at a lower price. Are you simply wanting to get rid of them and get some money? I hope you are able to find a site that helps you sell everything for a good price. I initially had a 100% rating. Maybe he tore it removing it from the stretcher boards. I was size 6 to 8. For example, a pair of vintage Prada women shoes we want to sell at $500 USD. Once the card finds a buyer, you get paid via check or direct credit to your bank/PayPal account. Swap.com is an online consignment shop that accepts a wide variety of clothing and accessories including: The best selling items are fashion forward clothing that have sold in a mall or store within the last three years according to Swap. Re-SEE. What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: UPS, FedEx or USPS? I think that no company is perfect, unfortunately. My mother passed roughly 10 months back, and I have just begun to gather, sort, and collect her clothes to resell online. I understand why you have a bad taste in your mouth after having an unpleasant experience. I have a mix of kids, men’s, and women’s clothing. The last thing you want to do is end up with nothing due to not following one of their rules. You can earn some of the money back that you spent on a clothing item. I am wondering if there is a company in the UK, or other countries, that can help to sell all my boss’ vintage clothing and shoes for a very good price?