2. tablespoon (also T, tbl., tbs., or tbsp.) tablespoon (also T, tbl., tbs., or tbsp.) It begins with an ingredient list and then follows with step-by-step instructions. Botanically speaking, tomatoes are the fruit of a vine, like cucumbers, squashes, beans, and peas. It is also an integral ingredient in Worcestershire sauce. Capital T is tablespoon. Batter puddings first appeared on the scene in the early 18th century as ovens became more prevalent (as opposed to simply cooking over an open fire). Favorite Answer. What does TS stand for in Cooking? The French call this dessert “tarte des demoiselles Tatin – the tart of two unmarried women named Tatin.”. What does the variables 2t mean in algebra? It is commonly referred to as a metric ton in the United States. They are highly prized for their exceptional flavors. taco pastor – The most popular taco in Mexico. While tri-tip is pretty much unknown east of California, asking for the “bottom sirloin butt” would tell a butcher what you were looking for, even if he couldn’t deliver it. a lowercase t can stand for teaspoon; an uppercase T can stand for tablespoon) Adding a tablespoon (T) of garlic when the recipe only requires a teaspoon (t) can spell disaster! tempura (tem-pura) – A Japanese method of preparing deep-fried foods. As it simmers, monitor the liquid closely until it reaches the consistency you desire. Trainer (US military aircraft designation; as in T-1 Seastar). Answer Save. Tofu is stored in water and should be thoroughly drained just before cooking. tournedos (TOOR-nih-doh) – It is a beef steak cut from the tenderloin, measuring 3/4-inch to 1-inch thick and 2-inches to 2 1/2 -inches in diameter. Tofu varieties include “cotton” and “silk,” firm and soft, respectively. Like a sandwich, it can be made with almost any thing and prepared in many different ways. 1. teaspoon (also t or tsp.) i bought some satay marinade to use for satay chicken and theres different ways to cook it but it also says to 'baste' the meat before cooking. 13 Answers. trifle (TRI-fuhl) – It is a cake well soaked with sherry and served with boiled custard poured over it. These dogs are referred as “tabui”, which strangely enough means “bastards”. It would be a tragedy to make taffy solo. It has also gained wide acclaim as a hors d’oeuvre served with dipping sauces or fruit glazes. truss – To secure food (usually poultry or game) with string, pins, or skewers so that it maintains a compact shape during cooking. written abbreviation for trading as: used to show the name used by a business when advertising, dealing with customers, etc. Some, such as grams, cups and pints, simply use the first letter of the word, while others, such as pounds, are based on obscure references. Tasso is a dried smoked product that is seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic and salt and heavily smoked. Copyright 2020 FindAnyAnswer All rights reserved. black truffle – These are the truffles of Perigord, often called black diamonds. If you haven't been cooking all your life, and you've just started to try your hand at it, all of those oven settings can be confusing. It is then pulled so that it becomes glossy, and then spread out on a well-buttered pan to thicken. Don’t let plastic wrap touch your food. It is the most economical way to enjoy the flavor of truffles; a drop or two of this oil will enhance sauces, pastas, and salads. Is that a teaspoon or tablespoon? COMMERCE, LAW. The tapioca most people are familiar with is either tapioca flour or pearl tapioca, which is made from dried cassava. timbale (TIHM-bubl) – A high-sided, drum-shaped mold that can taper toward the bottom. Carole, here is our Turkey recipe collection https://whatscookingamerica.net/turkey.htm as you cans see there are a variety of ways to cook a turkey. tuile (TWEEl) – French for “tile.”  A tuile is a thin, crisp cookie that is placed over a rounded object (like a rolling pin or a mold) while still hot from the oven. Chocolate must be tempered because it contains cocoa butter, a fat that forms crystals after chocolate is melted and cooled. It became part of the General Foods family in 1926 and part of Kraft Foods, Inc. in 1989. tamale (tuh-MAL-ee) – Tamales are a Mexican dish consisting of seasoned chopped meats or vegetables enclosed in corn masa (dough) and wrapped in a softened corn husk. When baked, the batter puffs up around the sausage. Upper-case T usually means tablespoon, lower-case t for teaspoon. Changing the water daily will keep it fresh longer. Oolong tea – A form of tea characterized by lighter brews and larger leaf styles. This type is not killed by freezing like other kinds of trichinosis. (1)  Tartar sauce – refers to the sauce made of mayonnaise dressing with chopped pickles that is commonly served with seafood. What makes it unusual is that after baked, it is soaked in a mixture of three different milk products: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk or heavy cream, hence the name Tres Leches. What does 1t mean in cooking? What are the different methods in cooking? Most cooking measurement abbreviations are easy to remember once you used them a couple of times. What's the difference between Koolaburra by UGG and UGG? 10. l, also liter, litre, (and L only in the US, Canada and Australia). Definition of cooking in the Definitions.net dictionary. It is as much about the ways heat changes the food as it is about the heat itself. History:  Check out History of Tortillas and Tacos. Teppanyaki – Teppanyaki is a Japanese term for grilling meats and poultry. Texas Toast – Texas toast, as it is most often called, is toast served with lunch or dinner and usually larger in size and density then regular toast. They travel in schools and spend the winter at the bottom of the ocean. This is marinated pork that is sprinkled with fresh onions and other spices. Also called “sauce tartare” in other countries. It has larger grains than granulated sugar. It means learning how to properly blend different foods for a "Wow!" It is also known as Tuscan Trifle. He and his retinue of monks subsisted on these fritters while observing the Church’s fast days when eating meat was strictly forbidden. light treacle – It contains fewer imputities than the dark variety and has a lighter flavor. Orange pekoe tea – Referring to the size of leaf, not quality of flavor, this term indicates a larger-size grade of whole leaf teas. One day during the hunting season, during the midday scramble, Stephanie placed her tart in the oven the wrong way round. It can be used as a sandwich spread, or mixed with a variety of other seasonings such as garlic and onion or cayenne pepper for a tasty dip or salad dressing. You see them in parts of the United States, Greece, India and Australia. tortilla (tore-TEE-yu) – (1) In Spain it is an omelet;  (2) In Tex-Mex cooking, it is a round, unleavened thin bread made of either corn flour or wheat flour. n/ ( listen) or /t?n/; symbol: t), is a non-SI unit of mass equal to 1,000 kilograms. History:  It is believed that tomatoes were introduced from South America to Europe in the 1500s. It is un-molded before serving. The real issue was money and protection for American growers; if tomatoes were vegetables, they could be taxed when imported under the Tariff Act of 1883. Get the top TS abbreviation related to Cooking. In Mexico, tamales are often served for special occasions, and the tradition of cooking tamales is passed from generation to generation. In some parts of the world, they are called prickly pear fruit or cactus pears. Tomatoes arrived in Europe from central and northern America. It means exploring with food and taste and teaching my children how to do the same. The tempered mixture can then be added back to hot liquid for further cooking. While baking the sugar and butter create a delicious caramel that becomes the topping when the tart is inverted onto a serving plate. tempeh (tehm-pay) – Another product of soybean fermentation, tempeh is usually sold frozen or refrigerated and needs to be cooked before eating. They can range in size from about an inch in diameter to the size of apricots. That's because heating food does more than just make it hotter. The pudding turned out smooth, and Susan received rave reviews from her boarders. When spring comes, they rise to the surface (near the shore where there is warmer water to spawn). Click to see full answer Moreover, what does a big T stand for in cooking? truffle oil – Truffle oil is extra-virgin olive oil that is infused with the essence of gourmet mushrooms. tuna – (1) Tuna is a member of the mackerel family and can reach a length of 5 to 6 feet and weight anywhere from 20 to as high as 1,500 pounds. instant pearl tapioca – It is what is mostly available in supermarkets, whereas other forms of tapioca can be obtained in health food stores, Asian, or Hispanic markets. Slice refers to cutting large ingredients into similarly shaped, flat pieces. You do not want the food to absorb the raw alcohol and retain a harsh flavor. This process is used most in making pastry cream and the like. What does it mean? History:  To learn about the history of Tiramisu, check out History of Cakes. (1)  A chocolate truffle is a confection made with chocolate, butter or cream, and other flavorings, such as liquers or coffee, rolled into a ball and often coated with cocoa, nuts, or more chocolate. History:  To learn about the history of Trifle, check out History of Cakes. taco (tah-KOH) – Taco in Spanish means a sandwich made with a tortilla. John Whitman, a newspaper publisher heard of this wonderful recipe, bought the rights to Susan’s process and the MINUTE Tapioca Company was born. It is also a milder version of radicchio and is slightly bitter, yet has a nutty flavor which mellows when grilled, roasted, or slow cooked. Tortillas in Mexico almost always mean corn tortillas. It can also be used as a meat extender by mixing it with ground meat before shaping into loaves or patties. America's most trusted culinary resource since 1997, A Dictionary of Cooking, Food, and Beverage Terms, Please click on a letter below to alphabetically search the many food and cooking terms, The Lowell Hotel-Pembroke Room’s Afternoon Tea, Perfect Prime Rib Roast Recipe – Cooking Instructions, Perfect Boneless Leg of Lamb Roast Recipe, https://whatscookingamerica.net/turkey.htm, What’s Cooking America ©2004-2020 by Linda Stradley, What’s Cooking America Privacy Policy and Disclosures. In scientific terms, cooking is transferring energy from a heat source to the food. 1 T means one tablespoon in a recipe. Stainless steel, cast iron and copper all have their fans, but most cookware in North America is made of aluminum.The best aluminum cookware is usually hard anodized, a term which requires some explaining.. Relevance. Do you have any suggestions on cooking a turkey in this very large pot? January 29, 2019 at 4:16 pm. Tahini is a key ingredient in hummus, the traditional Middle Eastern chickpea spread. This style is familiar to United States diners (typified by the Benihana restaurant chain) that was invented to take advantage of the tourist trade in Japan. The curds are pressed into cakes and textures vary from soft to firm depending on how much water is extracted during processing. It means pouring my heart into what I'm making for people and being willing to learn new recipes and ideas. It is a French term, ultimately from a Latin words meant “to parch.”. "To scald" or "scalding" in the culinary sense means to heat a liquid until just below the boiling point, 180 degrees, or to blanch fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, … It now grows everywhere in the Western Hemisphere and is common in Texas gardens. (Picture slices of bread, onion rings, carrot coins.) Learn how to prepare and cook a Turducken. History:  The origin of the tamale is unknown. It can be sliced or cubed and used in sandwiches, on kabobs, in stews and chilis, or added to stir-frys, and casseroles. 9 0. History:  Perhaps the word is a corruption of the word “tafia” which is a West Indies rum distilled from molasses. In 1887, the question went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in Nix vs. Hedden. It was a figurative use of the “heat-browned bread” – so called because a woman so honored was said to give flavor to the drink comparable to that given to the toast. It is typically made with green Pouchong teas as the base. tapioca pudding –  History:  According to the MINUTE Tapioca Company, tapioca pudding originated in 1894 by Susan Stavers, a Boston housewife, who took in boarders. It is equivalent to approximately 2,204.6 pounds, 1.102 short tons (US) or approximately 0.984 long tons (UK). History:  Both tartar sauce and steak tartare came into English from French, but both terms originate with the Tartars associated with the Mongol invaders in medieval times. The Persians once nibbled fresh thyme as an appetizer. Just eat it! What does cooking mean? It combined traditional grilling with western beef cuts to create “Japanese steak house”. 10 years ago What does BASTE mean in cooking? The high price of truffles, is due to the methodically slow and labor intensive harvesting process which involves the use of specially trained animals to route out the hard to find fungus. Darjeeling tea – Tea grown in the Darjeeling region, a mountainous area around the Himalayas of India. Cassava ranks sixth among crops in global production. This tea is typically understood as a lightly fermented tea, between green and black tea. tri-tip roast – It is a Californian term. To learn more about Truffle Oil, check out Linda Stradley’s web page on Truffle Oil. It is also called golden syrup. Plain aluminum is a … For the preparation of tamales, everyone in the family has a single task, from the oldest, who will probably be the one who prepares the cornmeal dough, up to the youngest that will cut the rope to wrap them. Using this theory, the candy would have been made from the syrup skimmed off the liquor during distillation. There are 70 varieties of truffles, 32 of which are found in Europe. This regional delight has become one of the latest food fads. The process is repeated until the entire mixture reaches 88 to 92 degrees F. for semisweet chocolate, 84 to 87 degrees F. for milk or white chocolate. Likewise, people ask, is T teaspoon or tablespoon? Diners sit around a large metal griddle to watch an entertaining chef chop, flip, and cook beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables served with a soy sauce-citrus juice sauce (ponzu). treviso (Radicchio di Treviso or Treviso radicchio) – Sometimes known as Radicchio or Radicchio Rosso as it is a variety of radicchio. It is Spanish food served in small appetizer-sized portions. Soon news of her dessert spread, and Stavers was regularly grinding tapioca, packing it in paper bags and selling it to the neighbors. The three milks, when combined, create just the right sweetness, density and “mouth feel” for a rich cake, making it moist but not mushy. Today in South Louisiana, tasso is becoming a popular seasoning for new and creative dishes. Lunch in Spain is traditionally served at 2:00 p.m. and dinner no earlier than 10:00 p.m.  Tapas can be as simple as a bowl of olives or something more hearty such as stuffed potatoes. Meaning of cooking. Tabasco Sauce (tuh-BAS-koh) – It is a commercially made hot sauce that is considered the “King of All Pepper Sauces.” Available worldwide, and made in Avery Island, Louisiana by the McIlhenny family since the 1880s. tapioca flour – It is used as a thickening agent in the same way as you would use cornstarch. Of course this is served in Texas! Tempeh has a firm texture and a flavor similar to mushrooms. History:  The history of the tapa is not really truly documented: (1)  Some authors assure that tapas were born when, and due to an illness, the Spanish King Alfonso X (1226-1285) had to take small bites of food with some wine between meals.

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