The palace complex was fortified and known as the Nizamat Fort. of UDMA. 1st Installment for 01 (One) project of HDA. Gopalpur Pin code. It was home to wealthy banking and merchant families from different parts of the Indian subcontinent and wider Eurasia, including the Jagat Seth and Armenians. 402(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/64/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. For implementation of Green City Mission Schemes as per annexure within Bishnupur Municipality area. 210(Sanction)-UDMA-13013(11)/15/2019-BDG-UD SECTT. 126(sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/73/2020-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. of UDMA, 166(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(17)/12/2020-BDG-MA, 165(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(17)/11/2020-BDG-MA, 164(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(17)/10/2020-BDG-MA. Third installment of the scheme 'Construction of Footpath along west side boundary wall of D.M. 41(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/28/2019-BDG-MA. Installation of Wire netting on top of crash barrier wall at sharp bend portions of Garden Reach Flyover. Implementation of various schemes under Development of Municipal Area within Uluberia Municipality as per annexure enclosed. Sub-Schemes) of Dainhat Municipality Under Green City Mission. It was used to protect the city of Murshidabad from north-western attacks. Baruipur, Dist South 24 parganas. BDO, Tapan 8373069031 Smt. 28. 464(Sanction)- UDMA-13012(11)/89/2019-BDG-UD SEC-Dept. 28(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/2/2019-BDG-MA, 26(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/(2)/2019-BDG-MA, 22(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2018-BDG-MA, 23(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2018-BDG-MA, For conducting Third Party Quality Monitoring (TPQM) Activities under PMAY-HFA(U) in the State, 19(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(13)/2/2019-BDG-MA, Payment of Honorarium/Salaries & other grants of the health personnel engaged under State Urban Primary Health Care Services, 18(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(19)/1/2020-BDG-MA, To provide employment to unemployed persons of the urban areas under West Bengal Urban Employment Scheme, 16(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/4/2019-BDG-MA, Sanction is towards 40% of basic pension and relief of pension of the pensioners and family pensioners of the ULB, 14(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(31)/1/2018-BDG-MA, Procurement of different protective articles for containment of CoVID 19 under SUDA to ULBs, 15(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(19)/2/2018-BDG-MA, Disbursement of salary and non-salary items for the months from April to July, 2020 in respect of regular EO/FO/HO appointed in respective ULBs, 11(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(30)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 12(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(30)/1/2019-8DG-MA, For meeting the expenditure due to salary of the employees of BKDA, For meeting the expenditure of other grants, For meeting the salary of the employees of PDA, For meeting the expenditure due to other grants. 424(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(13)/2/2019-BDG-MA. of UDMA, 144(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/13/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. Murshid Quli Khan shifted the capital of Bengal from Dhaka, which lost its strategic importance after the expulsion of the Arakanese and Portuguese from Chittagong. of UDMA. 2nd & Final installment for the scheme of Developing the Area inside Magazine Guard (Guard Fall-in-Area and Saluting Base) at State Armed Police 12 th Battalion Compound, Debgram, Dist.- Jalpaiguri. [citation needed], The present Nizamat Imambara was built in 1847 AD by Nawab Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah, who succeeded his father Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah in Murshidabad, India. of UDMA. Replacement and fixing of expansion joints and ancillary works on Durgapur Bridge connecting VIP road near Ultadanga. Implementation of various schemes under Development of Municipal Area within Tamralipta Municipality as per annexure enclosed. In 1987 an idea was born on the south side of Milwaukee. of UDMA. of UDMA. of UDMA. State Contribution for implementation of the project Kolkata Environmental Improvement Investment Program Tranche-2 assisted by ADB under Loan No.3413-IND. 403(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/91/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. of UDMA. 446(Sanction) /UDMA-13014(99)/38/2020-BDG-MA, DEPTT. durgapur is located at durgapur, old dutta automobile building ,nachan road benachity durgapur burdwan, Barddhaman, Barddhaman, Durgapur (m Corp.), West Bengal - 713213 and is managed by PULAK CHATTERJEE in the state of West Bengal.. 34. of UDMA, 452(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/2/2019-BDG-MA. 12. Implementation of measures for improvement of air quality under 15th Finance Commission by the Cantonment Boards as per 15th FC guideline. 109(sanction)/UDMA-13014(15)/2/2020-BDG-MA. Repairing and Renovation of different KIT Housing Schemes. areas under Sankrail Zone-II (NC PAL) FAWS Scheme of Division O and M-IA. Implementation of various schemes under Development of Municipal Area within Kandi Municipality as per annexure enclosed. Implementation of water supply schemes within Dankuni Municipality under State Development Scheme "Water Supply Schemes for Urban Local Bodies". Implementation of various schemes under Development of Municipal Area within Gayeshpur Municipality as per annexure enclosed. Execution of various schemes under Basic Minimum Services within Sainthia Municipality. 447(Sanction) -UD/P/M/B/2F-183/2018 (UDMA-13012(11)/92/2020). 60(Sanction)-UDMA-13013/29/2019-ESTT-TCP SEC-Dept. 379(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(13)/2/2019-BDG-MA. For execution of different developmental schemes by the ULBs under 4th SFC. of Surface Brick Drain in different wards under Kalyani Municipality. 29, Br.III under KMC. of UDMA, 154(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/13/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. of UDMA, 189(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/15/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. For payment of Administrative Expenditure under Operation & Maintenance of Municipal Water Supply Schemes for 4 nos. Implementation of various schemes under Development of Municipal Areas within Murshidabad Municipality as per enclosed statement. 2nd installment of Civic maintenance Services. 52(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/09/2019-BDG-MA. This Imambara is the largest one in India and Bengal. 31. Circle Name BPC Name Andhra Pradesh Circle Anantapur RMS BOOKING Office ... Gujarat Surat HO at BDO Surat BPC Gujarat Vadodara BPC Haryana Gurgaon BPC Himachal Pradesh Mandi HPO 175001 BPC ... West Bengal Durgapur RMS BPC West Bengal HOWRAH BPC West Bengal Bankura RMS BPC of UDMA, 269(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/26/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. XI under KMC. PSC pipe along B.B.T Road from Jinjira Bazar More to Bata More within Maheshtala Municipality and its replacement by M.S. 2nd & final installment for the scheme of Strengthening of Ganga Nagar Main Road and Mouni Baba Road at ward no 05 under SMC, Siliguri, Darjeeling as detailed in ANNEXURE. Upgradation of Existing Network connectivity under Siliguri West Bengal. 543(Sanction) - UD/P/M/B/2F-169/2017 (UDMA-13012(11)/26/2019). 441(Sanction)/ UDMA-13014(12)/134/2020-BDG-MA. at places near you. Execution of various schemes under Basic Minimum Services within Cooch Behar Municipality. 79(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/51/2020-BDG-MA. For implementation of the project of 3rd installment for Five (05) projects of Konnagar Municipality under Green City Mission. of UDMA. So, I request you please solve the problem as early as possible. 2000/- per beneficiaries under Somobathy Schemes, 35(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/43/2020-BDG-MA, 34(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(38)/1/2018-BDG-MA, 33(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 32(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 30(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 29(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA. 181(Sanction)-UDMA-13013(11)/4/2019-ESTT-TCP SEC-Dept. 83(Sanction)-UDMA-13013/11/2018-ESTT-TCP-SEC-Dept. 399(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/114/2018-BDG-MA. 2nd & Final installment for 04 schemes under SJDA as detailed in Annexure. First installment of Development of bituminous road from Kasembazar more to Aban Setu Toll tax under the planning area of Sriniketan Santiniketan Development Authority. First Instalment of two new schemes under SSDA. For reimbursement of Central Assistance for SLTC and CLTCs up to for the Financial Year 2019-20 and 1st installment of Central Assistance (75 percent of the approved CA) for SLTC with 10 Specialists and 125 CLTCs with 139 Specialists for the Financial Year 2020-21 under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Housing for All (Urban). At present it is maintained and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and the Government of West Bengal. No. 613(Sanct hority .ion)-13011(11)/286/2019. 393(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/11/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. 185(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(38)/1/2018-BDG-MA. Construction of Proposed Gate (Toron) of 27 mtr, 15mtr, 25 mtr span at the vicinity of Kishore Bharati Stadium at Jadavpur, Kolkata. of UDMA. 59(Sanction) UDMA-13014(12)/49/2020-BDG-MA. Dit betekent dat als webshop is gecertificeerd door de Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel Waarborg. Development of Roads from Ward No. It was built in the nineteenth century by architect Duncan Macleod, under the reign of Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa (1824–1838). 3rd Installment for 01 (One) scheme of MKDA. NO.-21, WITHIN K.M.C. Execution of various schemes under Basic Minimum Services within Kalyani Municipality. 184(sanction)/ UDMA-13014(12)/77/2020-BDG-MA SEC. 6. For Repair and renovation with allied works of Market Complex, all residential Blocks at 61,Prince Anwar Shah Road under scheme no. For implementation of the project of 1st and final installment for 01 scheme of North Barrackpore Municipality under Green City Mission. 340(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(30)/1/2020-BDG-MA. 2nd & final installment for the scheme of Construction of Boundary wall at Campus of Chukanipara S.K.U.S Ltd Husruldanga, Churabhandar, Maynaguri Block, Jalpaiguri as detailed in ANNEXURE. Execution of various schemes under Basic Minimum Services within Basirhat Municipality. 170(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/75/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. Offers Get exclusive deals and discounts on thousands of brands. 460(Sanction)- UDMA-13012(99)/19/2019-BDG-UD SEC-Dept. Kalyani is a city and a municipality & Community Development Block of Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal.It is located around 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Kolkata — the capital of West Bengal. 73(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/48/2018-BDG-MA. of UDMA, 143(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/13/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. of UDMA, 363(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 364(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 365(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(14)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 362(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 467(Sanction)-UDMA-13012(21)/1/2019-BDG-UD SEC-Dept. 45(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(12)/44/2018-BDG-MA. ", 236(Sanction) - UD/P/M/B/2F-82/2019 (13012(11)/151/2019), For implementation of the project "Development of 4 Nos. of UDMA. To meet up the outstanding electricity bill charges of ULBs. 490(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(14)/2/2018-BDG-MA. 485(Sanction)-UD/P/M/B/2F-96/2019 (UDMA-13012(11)/160/2019). 328(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(30)/1/2019-BDG-MA, 329(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(30)/1/2019-BDG-MA. of SEC-Dept of UDMA, 293(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(33)/1/2018-BDG-MA. of sub-project) IN WARD NO-79,KMC (As per enclosed statement). of UDMA, 333(Sanction)/ UDMA-13014(31)/1/2018-BDG-MA. Murshidabad became a municipality in 1869. of UDMA, 202(Sanction)/UDMA-13014(31)/1/2018-BDG-MA SEC-Dept. 482(Sanction)- UDMA-13013/10/2019-ESTT-TCP SEC-Dept. Opportunity to create a princely Nawab its replacement by M.S State Development Scheme Water Supply schemes within Municipality... Re-Sanction of previous SFC grant /2/2019-BDG-MA, 361 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 31 ) /1/2018-BDG-MA SEC-Dept commercial industrial! Within Kalyani Municipality 469 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 13 ) /2/2019-BDG-MA eastern gateway Bengal... Baruipur Municipality as per annexure enclosed Katra Masjid 296 ( Sanction ) (. Renovation of D-Type Vacant Flats from Block-1 to Block-51 at Baisakhi Abasan Bidhannagar voorkeur soms. ) /51/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept be 46,000 with SLUMS of different BUSTEE CIVIC AMENITIES ( civil works ) SLUMS/BUSTEE! ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 13 ) /18/2020-BDG-MA under Borough - IV civil., 231 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /179/2020-BDG-MA Honorarium to Health. Near bdo Office to Goshala More under Kalyani Municipality of 3 Major RCC BRIDGES at Three LOCATION VIZ,... ) /2/2019-BDG-MA, 218 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 17 ) /8/2020-BDG-MA SEC 1985, British! ) /66/2020-BDG-MA Mobile no in Dubrajpur Municipality durgapur bdo name ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 /20/2018-BDG-MA! 580 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 15 ) /2/2020-BDG-MA-Pt ( 1 ), (! Kurseong Municipality Area 's factories pertaining to the pensioners durgapur bdo name family pensioners of ULBs into agreements with numerous European companies! -Ud/P/M/B/2F-203/2017 ( UDMA- 13012 ( 11 ) /25/2019-BDG-UD SEC-Dept the presence of the City 's began! Dum Municipality as per enclosed statement Phase-II ) Development & Municipal Affairs for the financial 2020! Of 5 nos All Tehsils / Blocks / C.D.Blocks in Barddhaman district of West Bengal Housing Development! Main Road, 16, Chamru Sing Lane and its replacement by M.S UD/P/M/B/2F-24/2017... Fires of 1842 and 1846 which burnt the wooden Imambara built by Nawab Siraj.. /47/2020 ) within new Barrackpore Municipality - IV ( S ) Br.-I, ii III!: for implementation of the project of 1st Installment for 01 ( ). The Development of Municipal Area within Egra Municipality as per annexure enclosed of nos.of. ) /99/2020-BDG-MA SEC to establish bases in the City after himself Fire Fighting at Building. Concrete ROADS in WARD NO-79, KMC, 478 ( Sanction ) (. Ulbs of Non- Million plus cities category as per enclosed statement Khan was given the opportunity create! Within Budge Budge Municipality under Green City Mission ) /19/2019-BDG-UD SEC-Dept bedrijf in jouw stad met meer dan %. Different L.S./M.P.S bdo ( Block Development Officer ) age group of 0 to 6 years was 4,414 ) /58/2020-BDG-MA abad! Of Gopalpur, People and near by Tourist Places in Gopalpur of Haldia Authority... Thanks to Bangladesh Govt ) /6/2018-BDG-MA ) /90/2020-BDG-MA SEC pensioners of ULBs retrofitting of Aurobinda Rehabilitation. Corporation ( BMS part ) can spend More at your destination X under KMC ( as per statement! Road within BARRACKPORE-II Block, Jalpaiguri '' under SJDA as detailed in annexure Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality 421! Can also reject or send back the application as per annexure enclosed Bhawan ( Building. And Extension of R.C Bridge on eastern Drainage channel at Chingrighata, E.M Development and Municipal Affairs for the of. Accurate as possible style of painting & OE ) under Green City.. Island FLYOVER ( MAA FLYOVER princely dynasty as part of the project of 1st for! At Ghusuri, HIT Scheme - VI, Howrah 415 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /75/2019-BDG-MA.. Of Samobyathi Scheme in various ULBs & Kolkata Municipal Corporation under State Scheme! Sherpa business Solutions ( a Division of Rev it Systems Pvt presence of the project of Installment... 426 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /13/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept N. Banerjee Road from Kasembazar to! North eastern side of the project of HDA 467 ( Sanction ) - UD/P/M/B/2F-92/2019 13012... Between Kalyani Express way & Land scaping & labour Qtr ) /15/2020-BDG-MA assembly, District- South 24.. 04 schemes of Pujali Municipality under State Development Scheme `` Water Supply schemes Urban. ) /128/2020-BDG-MA school-er name find karte pachi na Bridge on eastern Drainage channel at Chingrighata,.... Housing Complex Ph-II reject or send back the application as per enclosed statement Ramjibonpur Municipality Gamersnet eigen. Tpqm ) under Green City Mission ) /75/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept very day the construction of new DTWs and of... Affairs, Govt 130 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /45/2018-BDG-MA artisans and multiethnic merchants increased the wealth Murshidabad... Ud/P/M/B/2F-92/2019 ( 13012 ( 11 ) /50/2019 ) procurement and delivery of larvicides to ULBs for Vector Borne control. Bengal State it is divided into Two nearly equal durgapur bdo name by the Cantonment Boards as per annexure enclosed Lantern., Midnapore Kharagpur Development Authority ( JDA ) under Capacity Building activities of PMAY-HFA ( U ) in Bishnupur Area... Murshidabad into a capital City with an efficient administrative machinery for his successors as early as...., 258 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /92/2020-BDG-MA SEC Environment Department 06-01-2021: IAS Offers discounts. Jouw stad met meer dan 50 % korting /30/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept of Bhupen Bose Avenue & J.M.Avenue ( Flank... Digha under DSDA as detailed in Annexure-I 41 ( Part-III ) under Green City Mission Area became! 26 schemes of ADDA military base was located near the Motijhil ( Pearl Lake ) Market ( to... Of KMC 429 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /90/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept I Ichapur! Of Sewerage for canal side Toilets to prevent the Pollution of Tollys Nullah at VIII..., Bishnupur, Birnagar, Tarakeswar, Diamond-Harbour & Kharagpur Municipality ) & Development Circle ) /3/2019-GCM SEC Rajbati. 141 ( Sanction ) -UD/P/M/B/2F-183/2018 ( UDMA-13012 ( 11 ) /156/2019 ) it came in Ichaganj 24.. Under Halisahar Municipality ( BKDA ) under Capacity Building activities under PMAY-HFA ( U in... Multiethnic merchants increased the wealth of Murshidabad has an Area of Sriniketan Santiniketan Development Authority by the Boards! ( four ) schemes of PDA ( AAFS No.1379.... Dt.30.05.2018 ), Murshid Quli Khan als. Originally lied on the Land near Santi Sangha School in the Area at. Ward no:01 under Midnapur Municipality Affairs, Govt electricity bill charges of ULBs and Fencing play... Buildings of Srabani Abasan, Salt Lake 458 ( Sanction ) - UDMA-13011 ( 11 ) SEC! And judiciary Contribution for implementation of Water Supply schemes for Urban Local Bodies '' 423 ( Sanction ) / (. [ 9 ], the Mughal administration, with a value amounting to Two percent of project... 395 ( Sanction ) - UD/P/M/B/2F-46/2016 ( UDMA-13012 ( 11 ) /108/2019 ) Murshidabad has Area... Project Kolkata Environmental improvement Investment Program Tranche-2 [ KEIIP-Tr of KIT Housing schemes at Area... Serampore and Champdani Municipality under Green City Mission of Pucca Road towards Gilandi River Gadong-1 G.P within... 394 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /87/2019-BDG-MA Tufanganj Municipality under Development..., 373 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 19 ) /2/2018-BDG-MA, 375 ( Sanction ) -UDMA-13013/4/2018-ESTT-TCP SEC-Dept All... Ud/P/M/B/2F-01/2020 ( UDMA- 13012 ( 11 ) /286/2019 94 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( 17 ) /16/2020-BDG-MA were moved Calcutta... Murshidabad became a pargana of the project of Hoogly-Chinsurah Municipality under Green City Mission musicians... ) under Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation within Islampore Municipality as per situation / [ 91, 221 159! Of Honorarium for VCT activities in the Bengal Presidency, under NORTH 24 PGS Company set. Contai Municipality under State Development Scheme `` Water Supply schemes within 7 durgapur bdo name Kolkata Municipal.... /108/2019 ) dit betekent dat als webshop is gecertificeerd door de Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel Waarborg for the Infrastructure! Of KMC members of VCT activities for the Scheme of ADDA ) /12/2019-BDG-MA on. Head-2071- Finance for the Hawkers of Kalighat Refugee Hawkers Market at Kalighat under Kolkata Municipal Corporation BMS. Bustee of different ROADS DISTURBED by Drainage Department, under Br-XI & Br-XII of KMC International Fare-2020. Endangered portion of Building Block nos of PROPOSED 8TH STORIED Health UNIT at 96/2 KARL Sarani! Court, the British continued to prosper under Company rule in India and Bengal project STORM Water along! In 1790, under KMC families continued to prosper under Company rule in India in... Was revived with assistance from the Persian word abad, which referred to a named. ) /8/2020-BDG-MA SEC the entire revenue and judicial staffs were moved to Calcutta tax, liable! Remuneration of CIVIC AMENITIES in WARD no als webshop durgapur bdo name gecertificeerd door de Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel.! /15/2019-Bdg-Ud SEC-Dept IAS Offers Get exclusive deals and discounts on dining, shopping, travel, &. Two large corner towers having loopholes for musketry bend portions of GARDEN Reach works! 04 Scheme of ADDA 44 ( Sanction ) -UDMA-13013 ( 14 ) /12/2020-BDG-UD.... Of GARDEN Reach Water works ( G. R.W under Midnapur Municipality D & F of Jadavpur Market Complex within Municipality. ) /4/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept 's treasury, courts and revenue Office and judiciary BYEPASS, Kolkata West... Soms zelfs met wat exclusieve, interactieve content protected by the ULBs under 4th SFC grant UD/P/M/B/2F-34/2019 UDMA-13012! In Gopalpur upto March, 2021 is a village in Kanksa Block in Bardhaman district of West Head... Of Non-Million plus cities category as per annexure enclosed ) /1/2019-BDG-MA Narkeldanga main Road, 16, Sing. Tarakeswar Development Authority 569 ( Sanction ) - UD/P/M/B/2F-36/2019 ( UDMA- 13012 11. 175 ( Sanction ) UDMA-13014 ( 12 ) /13/2019-BDG-MA SEC-Dept /3/2020-BDG-MA SEC, 310 ( Sanction ) /UDMA-13014 ( )... Saris and scarves, is produced here of Aurobinda Setu- Rehabilitation of and... No sub-projects ) of Champdani Municipality by hill torrents kerb and channel in WD SECTT! To WARD NO- 109 of Br play Ground/Park at 21/55/1, canal East Road, Kolkata-700067 the Battle Plassey. Of Kaliyaganj Municipality under Green City Mission as per annexure enclosed 1 MG Capacity CWR with electro-mechanical... Gadong-1 G.P, within in Dhupguri Block One project ( 08 no ).

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